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Our foodbank relies on your goodwill and support.

Over 90% of the food distributed by foodbanks in The Trussell Trust network is donated by the public and businesses – that’s why your food donations are absolutely vital to our ability to give everyone referred to us a balanced and nutritious and at least a three day supply of food.

Our shopping list below shows the food items that we need right now.

If you are happy to drop off food donations, food can be donated at any Library within Redcar And Cleveland (any donations made at Guisborough Library will be for FoodStop at The Bridge).

Food can be donated at any Foodbank Centre (when the session is open for the session only) or at our office Footprints in the Community 10 Queen Street Redcar TS10 1DY.


Please see the table below for our food collection point locations.

Location of food donation point     Opening hours
Tesco Redcar Superstore, West Dyke Road, Redcar TS10 2AA  (In store shoppers only) 0600 – midnight
Tesco Eston Cleveland Extra, Trunk Rd, TS6 9QH  (In store shoppers only) 24 hours
Morrisons, Lord Street, Redcar TS10 3ER 0800 – 2100
Asda Superstore South Bank, 2 North St, South Bank TS6 6AB (In store shoppers only) 0600 – 2200
The Spar Windsor Road, Saltburn 0700 -2200
The Co-operative Food, High St., Marske TS11 6JL 0600 – 2200
Sainsbury’s Local, 6, Ennis Road, Dormanstown TS10 5JR 0600 – 2300
Sainsbury’s Local Larkswood Rd, Redcar TS10 4SD 0600 – 2300
Sainsbury’s Local, 1-2 Embleton Ct, Greenstones Road, Redcar TS10 2RF 0600 – 2300
Sainsbury’s Superstore, Milton Street, Saltburn TS12 1DG 0700 – 2200
Sainsbury’s Local 45-47 Byland Rd, Skelton TS12 2NJ 0600 – 2300
YMCA, 21 High Street Redcar TS10 3BZ 0900-1730

We always welcome donations and promise to use them to provide help to people in crisis. Occasionally we send food to other nearby foodbanks to support their work particularly if they experience shortages. This ensures your donations go to help people wherever in the UK they are.

Please contact us if you have any questions about donating food.

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